Baines Receives NHLBI Grant to Study Cardiac Disease

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute at the National Institutes of Health recently awarded Chris Baines, PhD, a five-year, $1,865,250 grant. Baines is an assistant professor of biomedical sciences at the MU College of Veterinary Medicine and an investigator at the Dalton Cardiovascular Research Center. Baines’ research studies proteins that regulate an entity known […]

Cummings Receives American Heart Association Grant to Study SIDS

The American Heart Association recently awarded Kevin Cummings, assistant professor of biomedical sciences at the MU College of Veterinary Medicine, a Scientist Development Grant. The four-year, $308,000 grants aim to support promising scientists in the early stages of their careers by encouraging and funding research projects that help prepare them for successful competition as independent […]

Potential Cholesterol Lowering Drug Has Breast Cancer Fighting Capabilities, MU Researcher Finds

Researchers at the University of Missouri have proven that a compound initially developed as a cholesterol-fighting molecule not only halts the progression of breast cancer, but also can kill the cancerous cells. “Cholesterol is a molecule found in all animal cells and serves as a structural component of cell membranes,” said Salman Hyder, the Zalk […]

Baines Receives Excellence in Education Award

Among the 10 recipients of MU’s Excellence in Education Awards for 2014 was College of Veterinary Medicine faculty member Dr. Chris Baines. Baines is an assistant professor of biomedical sciences at the college and an investigator at the Dalton Cardiovascular Research Center. Co-sponsored by the Division of Student Affairs and the MU Parents Leadership Council, […]

Research Assistant Honored for Public Health Achievements

Pam Thorne, research assistant and laboratory manager in the MU College of Veterinary Medicine Department of Biomedical Sciences, has been selected for induction into MU’s Gamma Eta chapter of Delta Omega, the honorary society in public health. Members are selected for outstanding scholarly achievement and dedication to public health. Thorne is pursuing a master’s degree […]

Previous Studies on Toxic Effects of BPA Couldn’t be Reproduced, says MU Research Team

Following a three-year study using more than 2,800 mice, a University of Missouri researcher was not able to replicate a series of previous studies by another research group investigating the controversial chemical BPA. The MU study is not claiming that BPA is safe, but that the previous series of studies are not reproducible. The MU […]

Certain Breast Cancers Have a Trait that Could be Attacked by New Therapies, says MU Researcher

More than 100 women per day die from breast cancer in the United States. The odds of developing breast cancer increase for women taking hormone replacement therapy to avoid the effects of menopause. New research by University of Missouri scientist Salman Hyder may lead to treatments for breast cancers associated with taking these synthetic hormones. […]

Couch Potatoes May Be Genetically Predisposed to Being Lazy, MU Study Finds

Studies show 97 percent of American adults get less than 30 minutes of exercise a day, which is the minimum recommended amount based on federal guidelines. New research from the University of Missouri suggests certain genetic traits may predispose people to being more or less motivated to exercise and remain active. Frank Booth, a professor […]

Booth Honored for Discussion-Provoking Reviews

Frank Booth feels a little like Paul Revere — he is trying to sound an alarm to alert people of an impending threat. The threat is not from an external army; however, but from self-created dangers to our own health when we allow ourselves to succumb to a sedentary lifestyle. Booth’s warning: Chronic disease is […]