Archives for February 2018

MU CVM Professor Receives NIH Grant to Study Obesity-related Cardiovascular Disease

Shawn Bender, PhD, an assistant professor in the MU College of Veterinary Medicine Department of Biomedical Sciences, was recently awarded a National Institutes of Health (NIH) R01 research award to continue his laboratory’s work to further understanding of the cardiovascular consequences of obesity. Bender received the five-year $2.8 million grant entitled “Mineralocorticoid receptor-dependent coronary vascular […]

Exploring All Avenues for Heart Health

College Avenue separates Patrick Delafontaine, MD, and Doug Bowles, PhD, but a mutual interest in unclogging arteries brought the two together. The dean of the University of Missouri School of Medicine and the chair of the College of Veterinary Medicine’s Department of Biomedical Sciences are collaborating on research that could help prevent heart attacks. For […]

Ruyle Awarded NIH Predoctoral Fellowship to Study Chemoreflex Function

The National Institutes of Health recently awarded Brian Ruyle, a graduate student in the laboratory of Biomedical Sciences Professor Eileen Hasser, PhD, a predoctoral fellowship to study mechanisms of action in the chemoreflex neurocircuitry. The arterial chemo reflex is an essential protective mechanism for adaptive responses to hypoxia.  However, chemoreflex dysfunction, including over-excitation of chemoreflex […]

Olver et al Honored with APSselect Designation for Work on Microvascular Insulin Resistance

Dylan Olver, PhD, of the Department of Biomedical Sciences, has been honored with a manuscript being chosen as an APSselect article, for the paper, “Microvascular insulin resistance in skeletal muscle and brain occurs early in the development of juvenile obesity in pigs.” Together with a research team from the University of Missouri Biomedical Sciences and […]

Anatomy Group Receives Teaching Enhancement Award

Cathy Kovarik, DVM, PhD, David Cross, DVM, PhD, and Brian Frappier, DVM, PhD, teaching faculty in the Department of Biomedical Sciences, have received a Teaching Enhancement Award for their grant, “Developing an instructional video to aid in the dissection of the equine distal limb.” The anatomy of the equine distal limb is complex, yet extremely […]