John R. Dodam, MS, PhD, DVM

  • Dodam1316Professor
  • MS, PhD—North Carolina State University
  • DVM—The Ohio State University
W203 Vet Med Bldg
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211

BMS 5504 Veterinary Physiology
BMS 5507 Veterinary Pharmacology
VMS 6030 Veterinary Anesthesiology
VMS 6072 Conventional Small Animal Surgery and Anesthesia Laboratory
VMS 6999 Food Animal Surgery Laboratory
VMS 6442 Clinical Anesthesiology
VMS 6090 Small Animal Critical Care
VMS 8032 Seminars in Veterinary Anesthesiology
VMS 8405 Comparative Respiratory Pathophysiology

Exercise physiology

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