Students Recognize BMS Faculty for Teaching Excellence

Cheryl Rosenfeld

Dr. Cheryl Rosenfeld

MU College of Veterinary Medical students recently honored two faculty members in the Department of Biomedical Sciences with teaching awards.

Each year students in each of the four academic classes select an outstanding teacher to receive a Golden Aesculapius Teaching Award. The awards are presented during the college’s annual Honors Banquet. The winner for the 2016 Golden Aesculapius Award presented by the Class of 2019 was Cheryl Rosenfeld, DVM, PhD. Rosenfeld teaches courses in veterinary microanatomy and veterinary pharmacology.

Cathleen Kuehl-Kovarik

Dr. Cathleen Kuehl-Kovarik

The Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association (SCAVMA) also presents annual teaching awards. The Teaching Award for Basic Sciences is chosen by first- and second-year veterinary students. Cathleen Kovarik, DVM, PhD, associate teaching professor of neuroscience and large animal gross anatomy, received the 2016 SCAVMA Teaching Award for Basic Sciences.

Congratulations to the recipients.